Julia Motyka

👋 I am Julia Motyka

Julia's yoga journey began when she stumbled into a gym yoga class at Crunch fitness in downtown Manhattan the August before she turned 19. As the primary caregiver to a sick parent at that time, she needed to carve out some small space for herself where she could turn off the chatter in her mind and quiet the fear and grief in her heart. When she found her way onto the mat that summer, she found her lifeline. For many years after that, as she pursued her career in the arts, yoga was always at the center of her life; grounding her, lifting her, folding her deeper and deeper into herself, her body and breath, and her truest purpose. 
It took over twenty years, but she's now in the teachers seat. Under the extraordinary guidance of Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee at Yoga Shanti, she's completed her 200 hour training and is immersed in their advanced 300 hour certification. 
In the classroom— whether online or in person, in a group or one on one— her classes use a balance of asana, music, meditation, and breath work, to connect us to our bodies, to each other, to a feeling of spaciousness, and to our own compassion.