Jordan Gibbons

👋 I am Jordan Gibbons

Jordan is a Denver native who was introduced to yoga three years ago. He found hope on his mat while struggling to find balance within life. Yoga created space to step away from his stress due to a career which did not fill his desire to make a lasting impact on this world. The shift he witnessed in his personal life was more then enough to convince him that this practice needed to be shared with as many people as possible. A year ago he took a leap of faith, ending a five year long career and singing up for the Kindness 200 hour training the next day.

Jordan teaches Vinyasa and has also trained under Jermey Wolf in Yoga Nidra. Don’t be surprised to find hints of Yoga Nidra within his classes, as a main goal of his is to bring his students deeper within their internal connection. Come to his class and be immersed within unique transitions, structured cuing and lots of smiles! Be prepared to be challenged, working towards a deeper mind-body connection that will follow you off of your mat. His belief in this practice will inspire you to reach for what has been within you all along. Your truest, most authentic self!

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