Jill Kershisnik

ūüĎč I am Jill Kershisnik

Namaste yogis and yoginis! Yoga is in all things and Yoga is the rhythm that  guides my life. I love Yoga because it encourages people to get to know and love themselves, both on and off that mat. My asana experience began about 17 years ago and has since unfolded into a multifaceted practice that permeates my being. I am a Colorado native that recently migrated back to the Front Range after a short stint living the mountain life. I was blessed to complete my 200 training at Asana Studio in 2016 and am currently traveling through the Inner Peace Yoga Therapy training hosted at Asana, to expand my knowledge of yoga as a tool for healing. I am a teacher on and off the  mat, having taught 2nd, 3rd and 6th grades, and enjoy the beautiful exchange of energy and knowledge that flows between teacher and student.

My classes hold a kind and loving space for people to discover the transformational quality of yoga as it pertains to them. Yoga is a personal practice and my intention is to guide students toward finding and embodying their own inner wisdom. I believe that yoga should be rooted in the breath, and encourage breathwork through pranayama and breath cueing. My teaching reflects the idea that we can build strength and heat through intensity rather than velocity. Through loving and conscious guidance, intentional sequencing and queuing as well as holding space for individuality, all students can find the  expansion they seek in my classes.

On the path of life, I believe that we all are exactly where we need to be and I¬† hope that we get to be ‚Äčthere ‚Äčtogether.

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Deep Stretch

Weekly until March 25, 2021 on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Jill Kershisnik, Tara Picklo