Jennifer Craig

Jennifer has always been fascinated with the abilities of the human body, by its movement, its strength, and limitless capabilities. She studied Exercise Physiology and graduated with a degree in Sport Management. It wasn't until her first yoga class that she found a natural healing effect and calming union between the mind and body. “Yoga is so much more than a physical workout~ It’s about letting go, staying present and starting fresh with each new breath.” Jennifer fell in love with the detoxifying qualities and clarity she felt after a hot vinyasa practice and wanted to share this experience with others. Jennifer has studied with Toby Kumin and Natalie Smith of Boston Yoga and also completed Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Trainings with Baron Baptiste. She hopes to share her passion and love for the practice of yoga with you in one of her classes.

Class with Jennifer

Jennifer's classes consist of a dynamic and powerful flow that emphasizes individual creativity, strength, flexibility, and balance. She encourages a playful approach to the practice and wants every participant to learn the importance and ease of laughter and being fully present in the moment. The opportunity to practice on and off the mat, the eagerness to learn, and the ability to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually continues to present itself in many ways ~ It is a personal and individual choice to be fully awake and open to these endless possibilities.