Jenna Valez

Jenna Valez (she/they) is a yoga teacher, choreographer and passionate movement practitioner based in San Francisco, CA - the traditional lands of the Ohlone people. 

Yoga has taught Jenna how to be still with themselves, uncover and embrace their shadows and continuously evolve into a better version of themselves time and time again. They believe yoga is a powerful tool to connect inward and witness all of who we are, which is why they must share it with their communities. 

Striving to honor the roots of yoga, Jenna's classes often include traditional asanas (postures), meditation, and breathwork. Drawing from their dance background, Jenna also includes continuous movement to hopefully have fun and discover new pathways and break through any stuck-ness or rigidity the body may be carrying.

Jenna thanks their teachers Christine Cali, Doug Varone, Denelle Numis and their little brother, Drew for guiding them to this place in their life and for spreading light onto the world.

They are excited to share yoga and their endless love for movement with Folk!