Jenay Aiksnoras

Jenay, BS Psychology, MS Counseling, ERYT500, YACEP, is the Chief Experience Curator at Bliss Experiences and primary guide at Lake Tahoe Yoga.  She developed a unique therapeutic practice that combines Western Counseling techniques with Yoga practices and philosophies called Realignment Coaching.

Her classes include a philosophical focus beginning with a dharma talk that threads throughout the session.  She carefully chooses her language while instructing to ensure clarify and understanding.  Every posture is partnered with a guided breathing practice to encourage focus and ease of access.  

Influenced by the alignment of Iyengar Yoga, the flow of Vinyasa, and the theories of Tantra she incorporates these styles seamlessly while remaining dedicated to the RajaHatha lingeage.

Jenay attracts practitioners seeking recovery from injury, managing pain, challenged by physical limitations, and in need of a guide who will support, encourage, and push them to become well.  

Every session she guides is uniquely adapted to honor the requests of those practicing with her guidance.  She will encourage you to share your current needs and ask questions throughout the session.
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