Jen Smerz

👋 I am Jen Smerz

I have been dancing and exploring the aspects of movement since I was a girl.  I continued learning and teaching different styles of dance through high school and college where I earned a BA in Dance and Movement.  I believe movement is essential to our lives. We need to continue expanding our physical capabilities in order to keep healthy and active bodies.  I have spent over 25 years teaching studio dance (ballet, tap, jazz and modern) to students of all ages.  It was during this time that I began exploring the spirituality of movement.  There is movement for daily living that takes us from our bed in the morning through all of our activities throughout the day and then there is spiritual movement.  This is the movement that allows our bodies, minds and spirit to connect and transcend us to a more peaceful plane.  This is the movement that I have spent the last several years understanding.  I have added to my studies Yoga, Reiki Healing for humans and animals, holistic healing through herbs and massage, mysticism, crystal and meditative studies, and massage for dogs and people as just a few of my studies.  I am continually looking to expand my knowledge to help others expand themselves and find peace in their spirit.