Jen Schick

👋 I am Jen Schick

Jen has been practicing yoga for decades in the way of dance, raising five children and laughing through the process of life. “We are a big ole ball of messy and loving family. Imperfect is our middle name. We love to laugh at ourselves.” She brings this energy to her classes to help you embody joy and gratitude through the challenge of the poses and life, too. Before her training, she would panic at the thought of speaking in front of people. Power yoga has helped her tap into power she didn’t think was there!

Jen loves tree pose for this reason: growth, love and gratitude wrapped up in one experience. Her classes will challenge you physically while help you take yourself lightly. She likes to practice and offer modifications for every body because for her, it’s not about the end accomplishment but the journey of growth.

When she is not teaching or hands-on assisting classes at Victory, she is reading, gardening, knitting, rescuing kittens, driving around the triangle for her kids’ dance and leading CPR trainings. To say the least, she’s a zen master in the busy of life!

Her bucket list includes traveling the world and practicing yoga. She has been married to her husband Tom for 25 plus years. Jen and Tom live in Clayton with five children; Cameron, Alexander, Benjamin, Madeline and Daniel and many fur babies. 

She graduated from Dancing Dogs Yoga 200hr teacher training in September of 2018 and is working towards her 500hr certification. 

She completed “Teaching Restorative Yoga” training with Pranakriya School Of Yoga and Healing Arts in June 2019.