JD Adams

JD has been a NOUFLEX virtual trainer since early in the pandemic. His interest in health and wellness started early in his life. As a child he was climbing up door frames in his childhood home in Indiana. His parents immediately signed him up for gymnastics and little league baseball. As time went on he found his passion- coaching others to become who they are meant to be and to simply enjoy life. 

As an adult JD has earned his degree from Indiana University- Bloomington with a focus in Kinesiology & Exercise Science, as well as obtaining both his NASM-PT, and ISSA Group-Exercise Certifications. He worked as a wellness coach for the San Diego YMCA for 4 years. The last 2 years he has enjoyed traveling, and living his life in different regions such as Jamaica where he held a weekly virtual classes through NOUFLEX. 

These past couple years have given him new insight on what his fitness journey means to him. Adams believes that staying active has helped improve his mental health greatly. Realizing this has inspired him to want to encourage others who have been struggling, and let them know they are not alone. Today we meet JD and he is a NOUFLEX Virtual Trainer.