Jazmin Ment

Jazmin, when not teaching or practicing yoga, is also a surfer, former circus acrobat, and visual artist in Santa Barbara, CA. Thanks to her mother, who insisted she do yoga, Jazmin has engaged in yoga and meditation practice most of her life. Her early introduction to yoga as a young child taught her the importance of caring for the body and cultivating an open mind and heart. The deal was - she could be in the circus as long as she also agreed to keep practicing yoga and “learn the correct alignment”. Through yoga, Jazmin continues to uncover and refine what it means to live in alignment within herself, in relationship, and with the world. 

Jazmin completed her initial 200-hr teacher training in 2013 with renown teachers Ganga White and Tracy Rich. She has been teaching yoga since. She felt she had just scratched the surface after her first teacher training. So of course, she dug deeper. She has since completed an additional 300+ hours of advanced teacher training and thousands of hours of study with master teachers Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee. Jazmin considers Rodney and Colleen her primary teachers and has studied with them since she was a teenager. In Spring of 2021, Jazmin had the honor of working as a mentor in their Yoga Shanti advanced teacher training. Jazmin currently co-leads 300hr advanced yoga teacher trainings in Santa Barbara. She continues to be humbled by this ever deepening practice. Jazmin's understanding of yoga, meditation, the human body, and well-being is extensive, heartfelt, and holistic. Jazmin’s committed exploration of what it means to live close to the beauty of the human experience continues to evolve, breakdown, mature, and unfold, sometimes as a yoga teacher, always as a student. 

Jazmin's classes inspire strength, flexibility, inquiry, ease and hopefully a little humor. Jazmin’s thoughtfully sequenced classes are a vessel to explore inner peace, deep listening, compassion, and, ultimately, love.