Jayah Hasson

👋 I am Jayah Hasson

Since a young age, Jayah has always felt a strong connection to helping others and the healing effects of human movement. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jayah was introduced to yoga at the age of 15 by her mom who encouraged her to first try it as an alternative to taking medication for her ADHD and anxiety. After practicing for many years, she watched it grow from being a physical outlet into a life changing practice. Teaching since 2014, while studying pre-medicine in college, and working in various healthcare settings, she developed a yoga program on campus, providing classes to help students manage the stress. She was a full-time yoga teacher and is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Northwestern University. 

Jayah believes that yoga can be used to help develop self-understanding, playfulness, and most of all, reveal the immense amount of strength and capability each person has. She strives to teach others how to incorporate techniques into their daily life that will help improve their well-being and overall health. She also loves to play good music, make weird shapes, and help others explore the spaces outside of their comfort zone.
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