Jana Long

👋 I am Jana Long

Jana Long is co-founder and Executive Director of the Black Yoga Teachers Alliance, Inc., and owner of Power of One Yoga Center, a community-based wellness space in Baltimore, MD.  She brought over 30 years of yoga practice to her initial yoga teacher training in 2006. She is delighted to bear witness to the emergence of yoga into mainstream culture and especially into communities of color in the U.S. Jana is a seasoned teacher and certified yoga therapist who specializes in the application of yoga and meditation for older people and cancer management. Her studies in yoga, meditation and Ayurveda have spanned the globe to Africa, India,  Central America and across the U.S. Jana is a proud Master Gardener for Baltimore City who educates the local community about environmental sustainability, urban gardening and demonstrates how to integrate them into personal practices that support whole being wellness. She is a regular participant in dialogues organized by the Global Peace Initiative of Women, an international network of spiritual leaders who share perspectives about the social and political issues of our times, and a member of the Give Back Yoga Foundation advisory board.
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