Jamie Wozny

Jamie Wozny is a Soul Empowerment Coach and Reiki Master. She works with a wide variety of private clients, celebrity clients, as well as servicing large groups and private corporate clients like NBC, Hulu and Sony Playstation. She is a graduate of the well-respected, Dr. Amy Johnson’s Coaching Program. Jamie holds transformational retreats worldwide. She is blessed to be invited to speak on a variety of health and wellness podcasts including the loved, Magik Vibes by Kelsey Patel and The Elissa Goodman Show. She was honored to be interviewed for her expertise by Actress Ashely Tisdale. Jamie has healed from a life of hiding to a life of liberation by being who she came here to be. She has learned a great deal about deep physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic healing by connecting to her true nature to completely transform her life from the inside out. Thus, her passion is to guide light workers, sensitive souls and healers who are ready to stand proudly in their radiant light, actualize their soul gifts and experience the full magnificence of who they truly are.