Jamie Pratte

To me, Yoga Flow is like a deep cleanse for the mind and a maintenance check for the body. I teach a music-infused, high energy vinyasa practice that leaves you feeling restored and aligned. 
Whether you’re brand-new or a seasoned yogi, you’ll be encourage to do what you can and nothing more. 
My yoga teaching began in 2010 under the guidance of Sumit Banerjee.  In 2020, after many years of teaching I completed my 500 hour Yoga Alliance credential with Jason Crandell, a world-renowned authority on all things yoga. 
Students of all levels are welcome in my class. I’ll do my best to hold the hand of any beginner and at the same time, offer more “advanced” paths for those who seek greater challenges within the practice. 
Just show up, be gentle with yourself, do your best and it will always be enough. 

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