Jacquie Metzger

Jacquie is a sound healer, master energy healer, and teacher who brings meditation into all her practices. She works with people that are seeking deep healing and spiritual growth.  She uses a variety of healing instruments, her voice, and more than ten varieties of energy healing modalities to create custom private and group sessions. Using her intuitive abilities she's able to help her clients connect and communicate with their guides, angels, and ancestors. Self-empowerment is a passion of hers and loves teaching others to heal themselves as well. If you are seeking healing and guidance on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, Jacquie can be your guide to helping you discover what you are seeking.

As a former English teacher in Japanese and Chinese schools, she also holds a B.S. in Business Management and an M.Ed. in Elementary Education. She's been able to live all over the world as a military (ret.) spouse but currently lives in Delaware with her husband Dana, their dog Kenji and cat Ares. 

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