Holly Greenleaf (she/her)

Holly Greenleaf (she/her) practices and guides yoga from the heart and for the heart. Since she started practicing yoga in college and then teaching 6 years ago, her practice has evolved from an asana (movement)-centered practice to one that is heart-centered and includes meditation, breath, movement, stillness, sound, playfulness, curiosity, acceptance, and loving awareness. For Holly, the practice of yoga has been a refuge, a gateway to true Self and interconnectedness with all beings, a deeper commune with nature, a pathway back to heart center, a space of freedom and honest expression, and a thread to weave all the seemingly disparate parts and pieces of life and self back together into healing and wholeness. Holly shares yoga as a pathway to radical love and collective liberation for all beings. 

Holly's goal is to cultivate sacred and courageous spaces in her classes; you will be encouraged to show up authentically, listen to your body, keep your mind and heart open to what is here, and practice lovingkindness to yourself and others. Feel free to follow along or do your own thing! Holly will provide different options, modifications, and feel-good assists if you want them. Her classes weave hatha and vinyasa traditions and are often slow flows that include movement, stillness, meditation, breathing, sound, and massage. She is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certified in Restorative Yoga, SPA Yoga, LoveYourBrain Yoga, and Chair Yoga. 

Holly lives in Hanksville (Huntington), Vermont with her partner John and Kitty Witty. You will often find her in the garden, at the river, or in the mountains snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer. She is an ecological landscape designer and loves to talk plants! 

Find her yoga playlists on Spotify @ https://open.spotify.com/user/12133715551?si=e25efc552328483f