Helene Necroto

As a lifelong lover of dance and movement, my interest in the physical benefits of yoga came naturally. A knee injury early on kept me from dance and sports, but the focus and intention required of a yoga practice allowed me to continue moving and connecting to my body. While busily pursuing an art world career in New York, I sought out yoga as a respite from the chaos. Years later, and 100 miles away from the city, I cultivated a love of teaching through study and training. 

In 2012, I moved to a quiet town on the east end of Long Island and met my teachers, Colleen Saidman-Yee and Rodney Yee. I have more than 500 RYT hours across various yogic disciplines and I continue to further my studies with senior teachers that broaden my knowledge and inspire me to dive deeper into my practice.

My classes are a creative blend of intention, alignment, and flow within which students are guided through purposeful sequencing set to the backdrop of an eclectic playlist. It’s my hope that students connect more clearly with the strong, compassionate, and peaceful parts of themselves through practice with me. 
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