Helen Denham

Helen Denham (De-nim) is a Behavior Change Specialist, Reiki II Healer, QHHT Facilitator, and mindset mentor. She is also a public speaker, host of 'The Lifted Podcast' (where she's interviewed over 100 thought-leaders in the healing space), and singer-songwriter with music on all streaming platforms. Furthermore, Helen is passionate about supporting our sisters across the globe and served as the Chair of UN Women's Young Professionals Committee for two years in NYC. She continues to pursue volunteer work focused on safety and empowerment for women. 
On meditation, she says, "I've come to understand that how we do one thing is how we do everything. When my nervous system is calm, my heart is open, and my spirit is at peace…I know that I can truly show up for my callings. Meditation allows me to enter that space and walk through life as the best version of myself. Well-being and happiness have become my top priority and mediation is the channel to that frequency. I believe we are here to thrive, prosper, play(!), and experience joy. Heaven on Earth. Freedom for all beings. The end of suffering." 
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