Heather Scoggins

👋 I am Heather Scoggins

It was love at first mat. I met my mat for the first time in 2003. It was the first time I had ever experienced being in the present moment. My head completely stopped and it found stillness. The chitter chatter of my mind, that was my enemy; had been stilled. Myself had made me doubt and question everything. Yoga saved Me, from Me. I believe you are able to heal yourself physically and mentally through your yoga practice. Yoga allows you to be yourself in its perfection with all of your brokenness. When you find the strength from within you, the physical strength can be re-built. It helps heal the soul to be reconnected with yourself. I enjoy guiding classes that redefine the Student’s Edge.

Heather Scoggins is an E-RYT Certified at Asana Studio May of 2015. January of 2017, Heather was Certified as AIReal, Aerial Instructor with Colorado Aerial Yoga, Evergreen

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Hatha Flow

Weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with Heather Scoggins