Haley Tamilia

Yoga entered Haley's life during a time of turmoil and transition. She was pushing her mind and body to its limits as a competitive bodybuilder and marketing consultant, when the stress became too much to bear. At the guidance of her physician and loved ones, she left work and put a pause on training. Meditation, pranayama, and asana helped Haley find stability amidst severe anxiety, supporting her through minutes when seconds felt unbearable. Since then, the philosophy of yoga has become the guiding light of her movements through life, its practice a gift she can’t help but share.
IN MY CLASS, EXPECT: A supportive, meditative vibe with attention to sensation, alignment and breath. Some classes remain gentle throughout, while others encourage students to discover their strength in a safe, playful and judgment-free environment. In yin and restorative classes, students are invited to relax into a place of spacious loving kindness, where they may rest in presence feeling supported, held and seen. All levels are welcome.