Gioconda Parker

I have been practicing and teaching yoga for well over 20 years. After my fifth yoga class, I knew I wanted to become a yoga teacher. My teacher training was a five-year internship-style program. We met at my teacher’s house once a week for a half-day, and assisted 4-5 classes per week. I spent hundreds of hours with my teacher, as his student, assistant, and helper. I learned much from him, and am eternally grateful for the foundation he provided me.
I also spent ten years under the guidance of a spiritual teacher, from whom I learned meditation, self-inquiry, the heart of devotion, and relentless self-inquiry. However, my greatest lesson came through the dissolution of our community and my choice to part ways with him. This journey more than any in my life challenged me to take responsibility for my own actions and for my own growth, and while it was difficult, I took this time to dive more deeply into studies in yoga, Ayurveda, and philosophy and became the lead teacher in the first teacher training of a prominent Austin yoga studio.
I continued to study and practice yoga—-journeyed to India and Thailand—and upon my return continued to lead and to develop more teacher training programs, as well as international yoga retreats. In 2013, I completed my Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and in 2014 I completed the three-year training program in Somatic Experiencing and began seeing clients as part of my post-training work. I became an SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) in June of 2016.
I teach Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Partnered Thai Massage, meditation and pranayama, the foundations of Ayurveda, and am well studied in the Yoga Sutras and other significant yogic texts. In addition, I have studied world religions, have been trained as a life coach and completed a year-long energy healing course. I am an eternal student and have found this supports my continued passion for teaching and mentoring. I love sharing what I know, learning what my students know, and having the opportunity to invest in my students with the same loving care my teachers invested in me.
I live part-time in Austin, Texas, and part-time in the mountains of Tennessee. I am in love with movement and with the outdoors—in addition to yoga I enjoy hiking and biking and have recently become a fan of the SUP (stand up paddle board). My love of travel and yoga was a natural fit, and I enjoy leading yoga retreats around the world—I look forward to getting back out to travel soon, and have retreats planned this year in Morocco and Nepal. In 2023 adventure with me in Columbia, come sailing with me in Greece, or on pilgrimage with me in India.