Frances Hickey

 Frances is a 500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching since 2012. She began studying and practicing yoga in 2005. Her practice and teaching styles have evolved over the past 15+ years, from sweaty Vinyasa flow to slow flow and Yin, plus many others in between. She has also completed a 100 hr Sound Ceremony Training and incorporates sound for healing into many of her classes, as well as offering restorative yoga with sound baths. She teaches from a place of experience, intuition, and awareness. 

 Frances’s classes are focused and mindful with attention to alignment, balance, and mobility. She incorporates a combination of techniques and yoga styles, as well as functional mobility movements, into her classes. Frances teaches both private and group classes for every body and every level. She likes to blend in dance, dynamic movement, and strength into her classes as well. Over the last few years, she has specialized in yoga for post-cardiac operative rehabilitation and golfers. She believes in movement and sound as medicine for the body as well as the mind. Through breath, movement, and technique, we are able to cultivate a deeper connection to our bodies; we are able to refine sensation in the body which focuses the mind, leading to stillness and moments of quiet clarity. With the practice of yoga, every body can cultivate strength, balance, and flexibility; every body can experience stillness; every body can touch peace.