Fonzy Hernandez

👋 I am Fonzy Hernandez

Fonzy has been a dedicated student to the practices of yoga for many years and he continues to be enamored by the transformative aspects of yoga everyday. As a 500hr+ registered yoga and meditation teacher, he continues to possess a curiosity for new experiences in order to keep evolving his teachings.

Growing up a classical musician with extensive background in human rights activism and community organizing, Fonzy continues to honor his roots and stand as an advocate. He is committed to curating community through the practice of yoga, mantra, and encouraging the heart work off the mat.

Fonzy gains inspiration from his teachers and mentors Erinn Leigh and Mark Herron, as well as Brett Haginas. He fuses his studies of Buddhist philosophy and Ashtanga with a sense of play and a dynamic energy to create well-rounded classes that everyone can appreciate.