Erin O’Toole

I teach a yoga class that is inspired by my life-the people (and dogs) I surround myself with, the books I am reading or teaching, and the yoga classes and practices I’m drawn to at the time. I love to tell stories and lighten people’s moods through accessible and fun flowy sequences. I encourage students to feel comfortable coming into their own practice in the body they brought with them that day. I teach a down-to-earth class that leans on Eastern yogic traditions and philosophy…but is fitting for someone who has day-to day responsibilities and wants to promote functional physical movements and mental and emotional wellbeing. When you come to class, you can expect to shift gears from your day, move safely into a playful, challenging variation of vinyasa flow, and have time to leave your body to rest completely in final relaxation. I believe music can transform your mood, so my classes are filled with it. You will have an experience that feels familiar and challenging at the same time. Whatever the level of your practice, you will sweat, laugh, let go and hopefully bring some of your practice from the mat into your day-to-day life. I hope the freedom that yoga brings me will find its way to you. 200 hr. certification 2009 Baron Baptiste Level One 2013 Baron Baptiste Art of Assisting 2014 Experiential Anatomy 2018.