Erik Irvin

Erik trained in ballet and modern dance for ten years as a child. Always entranced by the arts of the body, he began studying yoga and tai chi in high school. While studying at Cal, he began meditating regularly thanks to a class with local yogis Christopher Tompkins and Chris Wallace. This delight led him to study at zen centers after college, practicing for four years at Green Gulch and Tassajara monasteries. He continues to study with his teacher, Reb Anderson. Throughout his twenties, yoga remained an integral aspect of his week, and he explored many styles while living in Seattle and New York. Joining a number of workshops that married yoga with zen, Erik grew more enthusiastic about asana as an awakening practice. He decided to commit to Piedmont Yoga’s 300 hour teacher training program, rooted in Iyengar and focused on the eight-fold noble path. Through his mentor Richard Rosen, along with guides Baxter Bell, Mary Paffard and Rodney Yee, Erik developed deep respect for the transformative power of yoga in our world. Later, he finished his 500 hour training with Square One Studio, learning how to welcome everyone to yoga. Beyond a beautiful way to come together with intention and peace, Erik believes in yoga as a ceremony of joy.