Erica Nunnally

👋 I am Erica Nunnally

Erica Nunnally is an e500hr yoga teacher, a reiki master teacher of the Usui lineage, a traditional animist, and a medicine woman. 

She is the author of The Seven Practices, available on and has been featured nationally on and in Gluten Free & More magazine for her work with mindfulness and whole health. Erica is the creatrix of The Journey through 13 Moons, a bespoke healing and collaborative mentoring path that empowers womxn to resolve lifetimes of fear based choices and reconnect to the full magnitude of their creative and intuitive gifts. After founding the Deep River School of Yoga which offered high level training for people who called to teach Yoga, Erica remained lead teacher and director for several years before directing her attention to The Medicine Woman’s Cabinet. Today, she has the honor of participating as guest faculty on a number of yoga teacher training programs.

For trainings, Erica finds great joy in sharing practical tips and tools for balancing the business of yoga and wellness authentically while remaining financially healthy. Additionally, one her of very special talents is sharing how to offer spiritual or cultural teachings without appropriating, alienating, or stepping on ancestral toes.

Erica balances the gravity of her work with black magic chocolate cake, burgers made with love by her partner, and adventurous, life-altering travel experiences.