Emily Thompson Kuchta

Emily, the Co-owner of Evolve Yoga + Wellness is a RYT-500, Reiki Master and mother of 2. Around 2014, she was a stay at home mom, and her passion for yoga began like many others: right on Youtube when it was first growing online. Child care and two littles meant not leaving the home much, so her personal practice became a form of movement therapy during nap times.  After a few years of a dedicated home practice, her desire to seek more on the teachings of yoga became a priority and signed up for a 500hr YTT program in 2019 through My Vinyasa Practice, a studio based in Austin, Texas. Her studies are focused in Iyengar Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa, and Restorative. She's currently pursuing a training in Tantra Yoga and Prenatal. 

Emily is a forever student, her passion and drive for understanding anything she puts her mind to help you learn during a yoga class. She offers yoga philosophy for the soul to absorb and take with students off the mat and into their daily life. She offers you balance, building functional movement while harboring peace, softness, and grace. You'll find great attention to detail about calming your nervous system and identifying supportive variations for each of our unique bodies. Giving ourselves top-notch self-care techniques through yoga, self-massage, reiki, or positive reinforcement are all parts to be expected of a yoga class led by her. She is a teacher for the soul as much as for our physical containers. She is a huge mental health advocate and will offer many positive coping mechanisms throughout class, as well as cross-training in unique forms of movement. You'll leave her class refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the world.
2014 and a sassy Elaina

Not in the yoga studio, you can find her at home (she's a huge homebody!) snuggling up with her kids and cats. Her hobbies include watercolor painting, playing and listening to music, gardening, and hiking! Being active and outside are very important to her and loving the outdoors!
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