Emily Spaeth

👋 I am Emily Spaeth

Emily completed her first yoga teacher training over 10 years ago with Tias and Surya Little in Santa Fe, NM. She was so inspired by the human body’s capacity for healing and change, that she enrolled in a year-long massage therapy program and started her business in Oakland, CA in the fall of 2012: Be Well Bodywork & Movement Therapy. She specialized in Thai Massage and structural bodywork, taught yoga to individuals or small groups in their homes, and again was inspired to learn more. She continued to teach studio classes and take massage clients throughout her doctoral program in physical therapy. After many years of regularly teaching vinyasa, prenatal, meditation, and mom+baby classes, she completed Alexandra Rossi’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. In early 2019, Emily moved to Portland, OR with her husband and their daughter to begin her career as a neonatal physical therapist in the neonatal intensive care unit at Oregon Health & Science University. Emily loves to go backpacking with her partner Shaffer, loves to spend time with her 2 year old Sadie building things and wandering around the neighborhood, and loves teaching people about the amazing anatomy of the human body- especially as it relates to childbirth, recovery, and infant development! She is currently pregnant with her second baby, and feeling wonderful. 

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