Emily Holt-Gosselin (she/her)

As an avid benchwarmer on every adolescent sports team, Emily (she/her) naturally had an aversion to physical exercise and viewed it mainly as punishment for many years. Upon discovering yoga, though, her perception shifted to a form of self-care; moving the body because it helped her feel more grounded and empowered, elements that played a key role in her path to recovery from years of addiction.

In 2017, Emily was moderately peer pressured to sign up for a 200-hour YTT with Story Yoga--a YTT in Burlington, VT for people in recovery--led by the wonderful Teresa Wynne. Surprisingly, the peer pressure paid off (perhaps for the first time in her life :). Emily completed the training with even more of a passion to share this practice with others.

As a teacher, she loves to incorporate breathwork, meditation, and philosophical elements into her classes in an effort to emphasize the power of this practice, not only on a physical level, but mental and spiritual as well.

You'll never take the same class twice with Emily! And not because that's necessarily a superior way to practice, but because memorizing sequences stresses her out! :D Feel free to offer suggestions or requests before class and Emily will incorporate those aspects into a creative, moderately paced sequence, with plenty of options for rest and variation.

Emily’s personal values greatly influence how she teaches. She strongly believes that all people are inherently worthy regardless of ability level, health status, size, gender identity, sexual orientation, or race. Both personally and professionally, Emily vocally challenges toxic narratives stemming from diet culture, fitness culture, racism, classism, and spiritual bypassing.

Emily’s primary intention as a teacher (and human) is to offer a space where folks can learn to develop a deeper sense of self-trust, discernment, body acceptance, and self compassion in an effort to not only uplift themselves, but the greater community as well. She feels strongly that individual liberation is directly tied to collective liberation. Yoga—in the comprehensive sense of the word—is a rich practice that allows us to explore this concept of unity and put it into action.
Emily is also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Body Image Coach. She aligns strongly with the anti-diet movement and Health at Every Size (HAES).

Current and Upcoming Trainings:
-Yoga for Anxiety and Depression (25hr) with Amy Weintraub
-Anatomy & Physiology (30 hr) with Leslie Kaminoff
-Trauma Conscious Yoga Method (40hr) with Nityda Gessel
-History of Yoga (2hr) with Brett Larkin
-Mini Trainings (3-4hr each) with Jenni Rawlings
-Carrying Angles, Hand Placement, Chatarunga, and the Shoulder (4hr) with Alexandria Crow
-Y12SR (Yoga for 12 Steps of Recovery) with Niki Myers
-Yin Yoga with Emily Garrett

Upcoming Trainings:
June 2024- Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman
May 2024 - Exploring the layers of Being through Kundalini with Dana Reece (30hr)
July 2024- Yoga of Recovery with Durga Leela (50hr)
September 2024 - Brain on Yoga with Dr. Linda Chamberlain, Thorton Hardy, Kayla Pearce, The Alzheimers Research and Prevention Foundation (40hr)
November 2024 - Advanced Teaching Skills with Leslie Kaminoff, Jivana Heyman, Fossie Park (40 hr)
January 2025 - Principles and Practices of Pranayama with Richard Miller (20hr)
April 2025 - Philosophy & Physiology with Leslie Kaminoff, Phil Goldberg, Flossie Park, Dennis Chowenhill, Dr. Loren Roche (40 hr)