Ellie Masson

Ellie (she/her) teaches yoga as a way to facilitate community and practice collective care. Ellie believes that yoga gives us the tools to build a deeper practice of self reflection and self care, so that we can engage in collective care for our communities. She teaches flow, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and mindful meditation. In Ellie’s classes, you can expect to find a space to pause, check-in, and respond to your inner experience. Whether you need space to connect to your physical, spiritual, or emotional body, Ellie hopes to offer a variety of options and entry-points for you to practice in a way that feels nourishing. She is inspired to theme classes in response to the natural and social world. 

Ellie’s personal practice and sharing of yoga is deeply intertwined with social justice. She understands yoga as a practice of social justice towards collective liberation and is driven to keep learning, practicing, and facilitating these ancient and evolving teachings. She is humbled and grateful to live during a time where she is able to learn from many yoga and embodiment teachers who are also sharing their interpretations of yoga and social justice. 

Ellie began practicing yoga when her mom introduced her to Sangha while she was in college and seeking community. Community is exactly what she found at Sangha, hearing at each class: come exactly as you are and you are more than enough. She found she could begin to uncover and embrace the abundance of her true self in this space. Her experience is one she hopes to recreate for any student who comes to her class, knowing that it is the diversity of our beings that creates the rich fabric of community. 

Ellie completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher training with Sangha Studio in June 2021 and has also completed training and courses on Yoga Nidra, the Yoga Sutras, and embodied antiracism through yoga. In her free time, Ellie loves to read and spend time in the ocean or the mountains. She currently lives in Portsmouth, NH with her partner. 

Music for Ellie’s classes can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/user/gam923?si=6788451954d74941