Ellen Mosko

Hello, I'm Ellen. I've been teaching since 2003 with years of specialized study in Yin Yoga and TCM theory. The active style of yoga I teach is Iyengar, influenced by an interactive mix of attentive alignment, breath awareness, fluid movement, and stillness, all with a dash of humor. 
Yoga and mindfulness practices are components of maintaining well-being as each learns to navigate the mental and emotional ride of living during this particular period in history. An established yoga practice can lead to a greater understanding of yourself and help to release long-held tension. 

Classes focus on subtle body energetics, mindfulness, and becoming more attentive to individual physical anatomy. My class themes support that focus by encouraging personal exploration of the postures, creating internal space, and clarifying your unique experience or view of the world. I continue my movement studies as a yoga student through personal practice and training.  
What to expect? I often use the wall and various props to enhance the asana experience while meeting you where you are and guiding you toward your best self through practice.

Ellen is a certified yoga instructor with a library of yoga classes and writings featured by Yoga International and a Yin Training/Series with Cathy Madeo Yoga School. Ellen teaches public, private, and online courses, training, and workshops; nationally and abroad. She also offers mentoring sessions to certified teachers seeking to examine and develop an authentic voice. 

Experience her unique teaching style here.