Devon Penny (she/her)

As a former gymnast, Devon (she/her) initially came to yoga intrigued by the challenge of folding herself into a pretzel like the days of her youth — however, she came to realize that yoga was so much more than a physical practice when she experienced how it calmed her busy mind. While navigating a lifelong relationship with depression & anxiety, and in particular, after developing a recurring health condition in 2016, Devon discovered that her yoga practice was becoming integral to her physical, mental and emotional recovery. Along the healing path, a yearning grew within to teach and hold space for others as they explore, discover and awaken their most vibrant self through yoga. It is Devon’s belief that this mind-body-spirit connection is there for each of us if only we commit to showing up for ourselves and to stay open to the shift in awareness offered by our practice.
With joy, passion, & a bit of humor, Devon teaches from a place of deep reflection and with attention to the inspirational, healing and transformative opportunities that yoga and its teachings offer students both on and off the mat. She strives to create a brave, welcoming space for students to explore & nurture their own personal practice with an emphasis on alignment and honoring their body’s unique needs from moment to moment.
In Devon’s classes you will experience nuances from her own home yoga practice with elements that are playful, challenging, and sometimes surprising. You may be prompted to ‘choose your own adventure’ as you move through unique, well rounded sequences intended to inspire and nourish your experience on the mat. 

Years Teaching:
- 200hr YTT (RYT-200) with Sarah Diedrick & Caitlin Pascucci 
- Trauma Informed Yoga Workshop
- Yoga & Anatomy with Andrea Trombley
- Chair Yoga Level 1 with Catherine Hamilton
- Honoring Yoga's Roots Workshop w/ Susanna Barkataki
- Accessible Yoga Conference
- Skill in Action: Radicalizing your Yoga Practice to create a Just World with Michelle C. Johnson
- Teacher Renewal with Jason Crandall
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