Deanna Bartlett (she/her)

After several years of being in the fitness industry and consumed by the gym, Deanna was ready for a change. She discovered yoga essentially as a ‘rest day’ and very quickly noticed how good she would feel after practice physically, mentally, and emotionally. Deanna began slowly letting go of the hustle of the fitness industry and toxic diet culture and started using yoga, years later, as a tool to find body liberation. After several failed attempts of breaking free from societal pressures and expectations, yoga was what helped her, and continues to help her take up space, learn to be comfortable and present in and with my body, learn and practice interoceptive awareness, and trust that the body she is in is enough. The practice of yoga physically on the mat and in her every day life continues to be a big piece of creating and getting to re-define what an authentic life looks like for her. 

Deanna finds that through asana and moments of being in stillness, we can get out of the head and tap into interoceptive awareness. Deanna uses her personal connection to yoga to walk beside others on and off their mats to find what its like to trust their bodies wisdom, question societal norms that have become engrained, and work with the body they’re in, without apologizing. 

Students can expect to pair breath with movement to disengage from mindlessness, and allow time to pause and experience mindfulness through bearing witness to the physical, mental, and spiritual body. Deanna's classes generally include open invitation to let the body be the guide, move with a sense of curiosity, and room to question ideas and beliefs pertaining to diet culture, societal expectations and ways we’ve been conditioned to take up less space with our body, our words, and our actions.

Off the mat, you can find her sipping coffee with her latest delicious flavored creamer discovery, reading a book, or walking her Golden Doodle Carmi Willow.

-200 HR YTT, Laughing River VT
-Certified Accessible Yoga Teacher -completed training with Jivana Heyman / the Accessible Yoga School
-Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher
-Trauma Informed Yoga Training: Best Practices, Neuroscience & Social Justice Workshop
-Teaching Size Inclusive Classes Workshop with Amy Mincher
-Eating Disorders: How Yoga Teachers Can Help with Chelsea Roff
-Yoga and The Path To Recovery: Healing Addiction and Eating Disorders with Chelsea Roff and Nikki Myers 
-Scientific Research on Yoga and Eating Disorder Prevention and Recovery with Chelsea Roff and Catherine Cook-Cottone 
-Certified Personal Trainer - Rooted in Mindful Movement 
-Certified Integrative Health Coach- Rooted in Intuitive Eating + Body Awareness