Dawn Griffin

👋 I am Dawn Griffin

Dawn has always valued health and wellness and initially explored yoga as a way to add variety to her workouts. Once she took her first hot class, she was pleasantly surprised about all of the benefits she experienced and was immediately hooked. Dawn first began to feel the physical benefits of yoga, but the more she practiced she experienced the emotional benefits as well.  She felt internally stronger, a greater sense of confidence, and more centered. Wanting to share her passion and love of yoga with others, Dawn completed 300 hours of teacher training in 2010 and is certified in Hot and Vinyasa yoga. Dawn strives to give her students a balanced practice of challenge and relaxation and encourages students to have fun.
Off the mat, Dawn is a Leadership and Life Coach. She incorporates concepts from yoga to encourage people to tap into their own inner knowing, gain clarity, and turn thoughts and feelings into action to achieve a greater sense of well being. Dawn is excited to continue to help her students feel the benefits of yoga both on and off the mat.
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