David Hurwith

David Hurwith made a life of dancing and performing for three decades. David and the Antediluvians performed his work at venues large and small worldwide. Studying the body’s natural expression and health during that exploration supplanted an art career.  For the last 25 years, he has been offering Experiential Anatomy and Authentic Movement. Mr. Hurwith enjoyed teaching at the University of California, Santa Barbara, The California Institute of the Arts, Movement Research in New York City, School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, NL, and SUNY Purchase, Purchase, New York,
   Now, Mr. Hurwith helps people understand how the body functions and expresses itself in movement. David is thankful for his teachers, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as a healer and Steve Paxton as an artist. The students and clients who join me on the path of understanding and embodiment propel my work with their readiness.  Mirah Love, my wife, leads by example, and Elon, my son, is my sun.