Dana Cicciarelli

👋 I am Dana Cicciarelli

Hello! My name is Dana…

My journey in yoga happened somewhat accidentally, when on a whim I decided to start a 2 month yoga training immersion in Costa Rica. Throughout my time there in my practice, I was peeled open layer by layer, re-meeting parts of myself I had disconnected from and didn’t even know. Upon returning home I continued to feel the impact my practice had on me and immediately became obsessed with sharing that with others. Seeing their moods/attitudes change toward their lives, the same way I did mine.

Since, I have worked with students of different ages, body types and degrees of experience, as well as with special needs children with hearing and sight ailments. I returned to Costa Rica summer 2019 to teach yoga at a resort where my teaching practice was truly challenged, sharing the gifts of yoga with people from all over the world presented many language barriers, that challenged me to use the art of Yoga as a universal language, which I truly believe it is. 

 I love continuing my education in the world of yoga as well as my own personal practice to better serve others as well as myself. I know that yoga looks different in each practice, and I don’t assume everybody can do every shape, so I teach in a style where everyone feels successful. My goal is for students to feel a sense of connection to themselves and their bodies through the safe challenge of asana and yet make the practice available to all.