Cynthia Abulafia

This strong flow class supports the power of curiosity.
It is through investigation and attention to detail that the experience of the body, breath, and heart work together in wholeness.  The body is included!  I love to explore the body and the yoga movements as a map to reverence for this wild and strange life, which reflects my devotion to what might be called the Goddess Path or the divine feminine.  
My main teaching is “notice what you notice.”
In addition to teaching yoga inspired postures, I regularly teach courses in yoga philosophy, breath work and breathing mechanics, the subtle or energetic body/ kundalini awakening and management, human anatomy for yoga, the sacred texts of yoga and non-dual Tantra, and the ethics of spiritual inquiry.

I started practicing yoga as a pre-teen with my mother and sister, and began teaching in 2005 while still in college.  I have taught at Yoga Soup since 2007 and was instrumental in the creation and leadership of Yoga Soup’s 200 and 300 Hour Teacher Trainings.  I currently co-lead the 300 hour YTT, where I focus on the sacred texts of yoga and Tantra and the energetic body.  My background is in Yoga Therapy and I am a certified Yoga Therapist, have certifications in Pilates and Thai Yoga, and I hold a Masters degree in Nutrition. I have spent much of my life studying yoga and Tantra, including Yoga Therapy, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Krama with Srivatsa Ramaswami, modern flow blends and movement science modalities, and many beloved meditation, Advaita, non-dual Tantra, kundalini-Shakti, and self-inquiry teachers, most notably Rupert Spira, the late Bonnie Greenwell, and the late Sally Kempton.