Courtney Bell

ūüĎč I am Courtney Bell

In order to practice bring  an inner fire, constant study and develotion to spiritual connection are required." sutra 2.1

I come on to my mat not the pose, but the practice. I am a student of the practice who strives to embrace the 8 limbs of yoga. I  started my yoga path at Moksha Yoga in Chicago. I was introduced to the asana practice, but drawn to the sutras. Darien Friesen led a Monday night sutra study group. It became my regular Monday practice. I welcomed the space to ponder life as a community based social worker.

The physical practice came later. As a runner, my main physical practice was sunrise runs - pranayama practice built my endurance. As someone who trained as an athlete at the age of 11, I always knew that time would come to an end. The body is not built for continuous ponding of the run - the hips and knees start to wear. I never knew what would come next. I like being outside, it brings a calmness to my life. I balance my work life by exploring the outdoors : backpacking, camping, hiking, ice and rock climbing, kayaking,  sculling, SUP and yoga to name a few! 

 Samadhi is loosely interpreted to the union of self. In life, it is easy to get lost in the "labels", "judgments" and "projections" of what your life should be. You can lose what your life is to you. I focus my mind, body and soul on the practice of the yamas and niyamas. The physical practice takes all forms in my life. The physical practice has one goal - to shred the outside world to get back to the purity within me. 

This is my focus when a create a practice space. It is to ignites you to strengthen, to welcome your softness to find your balance.  I like to help you bring your practice off of your mat in into you life.  The asana practice offers help you to connect you're pranayama and prathyara to explore your path.  I integrate elements of practice to you discover a pieces  of yourself  previously  unattainable.

I began my study of teaching yoga with Street Yoga  in San Diego. This lead her to explore more about the body and movement  and trauma with Bes Van Der Kolk at Kripalu yoga center. I completed my 200hour training at Chakra  Power  Yoga with Nicole  Burrill and Tim Kelleher. After the my 200 hour training, my journey of study continues with Trauma Brain Injury yoga certification, SPA yoga, Mind Body Awareness practice for veterans through the American Red Cross, Reiki Master and Yin and Meditation training with Sagel Urlacher. With the guidance of Jacqui Bonwell, I am a 500 RYT. 

Join me on your mat let's work to navigate this thing called LIFE! 
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