Cheryl Donnelly

👋 I am Cheryl Donnelly

Cheryl's work in the world is integrating the ancient practices of yoga with the teachings of traditional and holistic healing modalities to help individuals learn the coping skills and tools they need to live life to their fullest potential.   Cheryl is a NYS certified K-12 educator, a yoga teacher, A Y12SR facilitator, and an Embody Love Movement Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer. She currently is in an MSW graduate program to integrate clinical skills with holistic practices to enrich her work and practices.  Cheryl teaches from a trauma informed perspective.  
Cheryl has been practicing yoga for over 20+ years but it wasn’t until her 200 hour Teacher Training Progam in 2014 under the guidance of Beryl Bender Birch that she truly began to develop the passion and commitment that she has for her practice and for her teachings. Cheryl’s journey as a yoga student and teacher has been one of deep healing and personal transformation. She has used her practice and the work with all of her teachers as a way to heal her own personal traumas and wounds. 
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