Charlotte Hardie

Charlotte (she/her) teaches a grounded flow, that emphasizes breath and meditative movement. She aims to provide a safe place for students to embody all parts of themselves, both tension and ease, with the knowing that as we ground and connect to ourselves we connect to each other.
Charlotte found yoga in 2010, while at Colorado College. Since the beginning, yoga has been her biggest catalyst for change. The practice is a place where she learns to sit with discomfort and be in relationship with herself and the world. Learning how to be in relationship with, rather than react from, is one of the most profound healing tools she receives from yoga.

 Through the support of the practice, Charlotte has found the courage and direction to find sobriety and to recover from eating disorders. Yoga continuously informs her health and wellbeing, leading to deeper awareness and balance. 
Along with teaching flow and yin classes at Sangha, she also is a Y12SR leader and teaches yoga at the women’s correctional facility in South Burlington. 
Currently she is in school for depth psychology and creativity, which greatly inform her practice. Through these studies, she explores how the unconscious and archetypal energies, such as the shadow, effect daily patterns. The yoga practice becomes a place to unearth and be with life’s deeper complexities, and to sit with all of the messiness, chaos, sweetness, and wonder. 
She also loves animals, hiking, and teaches horseback riding and children’s art classes. Charlotte lives in Charlotte, Vermont. 
Years teaching yoga: 5+ years 
Additional Trainings 
E-RYT 200
Yin Yoga Training with Emily Garrett at Laughing River Yoga
Yoga for 12-Step Recovery with Nikki Myers 
25hr "At Play with the Radiance Sutras" Program with Lorin Roche and Coby Kozlowski
Liberation Prison Yoga Project with Anneke Lucas
75 Hour Leading Vinyasa module with Coby Kozlowski
Off The Mat trainings with Seane Corn, Hala Kouri, and Suzanne Sterling