Caitlin Mackensen

👋 I am Caitlin Mackensen

Ever since Caitlin was 3 years old, competitive dance, skiing and snowboarding have been a major part of her life, anything to keep her moving indoors and out, she was all about it. Caitlin started peaking interest in yoga when her mother became an instructor in 2010. She was drawn to her first class in search of a physical activity to not only strengthen the body, but the mind as well. 

Caitlin was intrigued by the philosophical and history of yoga through her practice along with the physical challenge of asana. She has a history of personal training along with competing in body building competitions. During this time she discovered that the practice of yoga was beneficial for her mind, body and health. 

Caitlin moved to Austin in 2014 and finished her 200 hour certification – that was the moment she knew she was on the right path. She completed her 200 hour teacher training based in the Baptiste Methodology of yoga teaching. 

Caitlin looks forward to sharing her passion for yoga and fitness here at YTX Austin. With her background, it’s guaranteed to be a powerful sweaty party!