Briena Pearl

Briena Pearl, MA, R-DMT, RYT, is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She has been enhancing her daily practice with Kundalini since 2015. Her devotion to growth through steadfast self-discipline has inspired her commitment to sharing these uplifting, life changing practices with her community.
Students are inspired to develop their own devotional relationship to ritual and routine by understanding and embodying the teachings of kriya yoga to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual intentions.
Pearl is a Registered Dance Movement Therapist with a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University, New England. Her passion for mental wellness is integral to her style of teaching. She evokes the playfulness of the imaginal realm to allow unconscious material to become conscious, so that it may be released, restored, rejuvenated, and transformed into spiritual nourishment.
Briena specializes in working with addictions and dedicates her practice to support addiction recovery. She is passionate about reaching beyond what is clinical, into the realms of creativity to discover and develop healthy habits for the daily maintenance of wellness.
Before becoming a yoga loving therapist, Pearl sang professionally for several rock and roll bands, earning her the title, Rock N Roll Therapist. She lived a lifestyle that informed her own transformation from garage bands to Gurdwaras. Her candid transparency with her own humanness makes her a relatable and reliable therapist and teacher.
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