Bri Wells

đź‘‹ I am Bri Wells

Om Shanti Om Yogis and Yoginis! I fell in love with the asana aspect of my yoga practice almost 20 years ago as a teenager. It was quite a while before I fully immersed myself in the entire practice of Yoga. I love teaching and strive to offer to offer you something specific to your goals and desires. I design each of my classes based on what you tell me in the time we spend together before each practice so speak and tell me what you want. I am a very authentic person and I come with a bit of intensity. I am a storyteller at heart and if I have a personal story or experience that will help you thrive within your own practice, I am an open book. During savasana, I will tuck you in under a blanket and mantra to you. When I mantra, it is beautiful….. come and rest into the vibrations. Aside from teaching Yoga, I am also a Life and Business Coach and a Storytelling Coach and Consultant. I know, I don’t know what it means either but my method works and had to call it something! I have two great kids who inspire me in ways that move me to constant action. We dream big dreams together and then work on what we need to do to accomplish them. In your big dreams I will support and guide you as well.

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