Ben Chused

👋 I am Ben Chused

I grew up in the heart of Washington DC, immersed in the punk and hardcore music subculture of the 80s and 90s, surrounded by independent thought and do-it-yourself ethics. I was also introduced to vegetarianism and yoga philosophy through that same music scene. 

By the age of 30 I was living in Las Vegas, working long hours in the fast-paced mortgage industry and spending a little too much time at casino poker tables. I eventually hired a personal trainer who helped me internalize the importance of diet, sleep, exercise, posture, and a positive attitude. After that, it didn’t take long for me to stumble into the local yoga studio where I was enamored by the community, practice, and philosophy.

I’ve been on a steady journey practicing and studying yoga since 2006 – moving through different stages of proficiency and confidence, bouncing around between various methods, learning from a wide range of teachers, and consistently re-evaluating what yoga means to me. 

No matter what type of class I teach, you can expect thoughtful instruction with attention to detail, movement that is steady and deliberate, and a nod to the “traditional” yoga lineages. I treat sequencing like an art form, similar to writing music. My teaching is heavily influenced by Nikki Vilella, Raghunath Cappo, and my Boston Yoga School co-pilot Ame Wren.

When I’m not teaching yoga, you can find me navigating the peaks and valleys of marriage and fatherhood, aspiring to become a better cook, and maybe even listening to some reggae music while I fantasize about summertime on Martha’s Vineyard. I also work full-time as a marketing professional in the tech industry.  I have an undergraduate degree in business from Northeastern University and an MBA from Babson College.

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