Ashley Tryba

Ashley (she/they) started practicing Yoga when they were 7, and they love sharing it with little people and grown-ups alike! Ashley is a full-time Yoga, Health + Wellness teacher at a school for students with complex learning challenges and is particularly interested in the neurobiology of how stress and trauma affect us and the way we interact. They see embodied practices like Yoga as empowering building blocks for resilience. 

Classes with Ashley start with a warm welcome, conversation, contemplation, and meditation to hold courageous space. Ashley weaves in options to create more accessible interpretations of Yoga philosophy, and anatomy/neuroscience fun facts as the class moves together. They hope their classes leave you feeling encouraged and inspired.

Ashley can also be found spending time outdoors or in their pollinator garden in Kensington, singing with their partner in their band, Blanketflowers, or being an outspoken and passionate conversationalist at literally any event.