Anne Van Valkenburg

Anne’s teaching is inspired by her practice. Staying dedicated to her practice is how she remains truthful to what she teaches and shares with others. For her, the physical body has been the pathway to knowing herself in the more subtle, energetic layers, bringing more insight into the truth underneath everything.

The heart of her teaching is breath & alignment-based vinyasa taught with thematic sequences that tell a story. She loves to get technical and break down postures as a form of meditation, which also challenges students to slow down. Anne cares a lot about the safety and encourages modifications, reminding students to meet themselves where they are.  Her teaching is grounding, energizing, and light-hearted. We can take the practice seriously, but we can also find joy in not taking ourselves so seriously. 

Anne is passionate about studying the principles behind the 8 Limbs of Yoga, and finding ways to weave them into class in a practical way. She emphasizes the importance of self-study and how yoga is an internal practice. She hopes to inspire and empower students with the tools and gifts of yoga.   
Anne has been a yoga student since 1999 and a teacher since 2003. For 16 years, she taught public classes and private clients in Los Angeles and traveled nationally and internationally, teaching the Yoga Works 200-Hour and 500-Hour Teacher Training Programs. She has been teaching in Hawaii and online for the past two years.

Off the mat, Anne is an avid traveler, animal lover, a seeker of the great outdoors and a competitive board game player.