Anne Gustin

“My deep desire is to share the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda while guiding students to experience postures, breath, nourishment and connection with spirit.  I teach with a skillful awareness of the rhythms of nature and the progression of life's journey. My classes are intuitively designed to help direct you toward your unique essence and flow.  By inviting students to listen, reflect, and know their true self, I gain the privilege to watch students transform in each and every class.”

Anne Gustin is a 500hr RYT through the Devanadi Yoga School in Minneapolis and a Certified Ayurveda Yoga Specialist.  Her trainings are deeply rooted in Hatha yoga and the Himalayan Tradition.  She actively studies with master teachers in Ayurveda and Yoga.  In 2009, Anne completed training in prenatal yoga through Blooma in Minneapolis.  She is also a level II restorative teacher. Today, her passion for living her yoga has evolved into a strong interest in yoga anatomy, holistic nutrition/Ayurveda and devotion in practice.  Anne believes in the healing nature of yoga and that most injuries to the body and the heart can be prevented and/or remedied using the tools of yoga. Anne teaches a number of classes at Kula including Kula Calm, Kula Restorative, Open Vinyasa Flow and Kula Conditioning.  Additionally, she leads workshops in Ayurveda and has a love of meditation and pranayama.  For the past 5 years Anne has been a faculty member in the Devanadi Teacher Training program. She is an avid outdoors woman, loves to travel and seeks to find adventure in everyday life. She lives in Edina with her partner, Todd, and two daughters; Livia and Gianna.
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