Annabelle Teleki

Annabelle Teleki, E-RYT 500, first discovered yoga in 1997. Her formal studies began in 2006, and this studentship continues today, and always will.  She began teaching in 2007, while living in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Annabelle‘s classes incorporate a blend of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vini Yoga. Her solid yet gentle guidance will encourage slow and deliberate movement linked with the breath. The combination of a strong, mindful flow coupled with the teaching of safe alignment and the use of props, allows her students to spend more time feeling and practicing presence during class. Greater self-awareness comes with pause and presence, yoga invites us to turn our attention inward, creating sustainable strength and deeper stillness. Greater self-awareness expands our awareness of those around us and of the world we inhabit.  The physical benefits of yoga (strength and flexibility) will come with practice and are endless, as a bi-product of the deeper work. We use our bodies as vehicles to go deeper. 
Over the past decade in particular, Annabelle’s area of study has been in Trauma-Informed teaching. This work has been and continues to be a life-long journey of humility and growth and has resulted in the privilege of teaching in Treatment Centers, Hospitals and Prisons. She is especially grateful to her main teachers: Seane Corn, Nikki Myers and Hala Khouri - who have provided insight, solid mentorship and wisdom beyond measure. 
Annabelle is the founder of Satya Retreats and Satya Yoga, and is eternally grateful to be sharing her experience, strength and hope via the many teachings of yoga.
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