Aneesha Grant

👋 I am Aneesha Grant

Hi! My name is aneesha grant I have been practicing yoga since the tender age of 14 years old. I found yoga during a very challenging emotional time and I found that yoga held space for me to explore who I REALLY am. In the beginning I couldn’t explain what yoga made me feel all I knew was I wanted to do it every single day. It became a part of me. 
I explored yoga as a career when I received my 200 hour certification in hot vinyasa in 2015. Since then I have had the opportunity to dive into deep asana practice as well as truly embody yoga in its fullest form. I have always had passion for the human body and helping people feel like their best selves. Yoga brought me that and to go in deeper I have become a holistic health coach through IIN because when we have the tools (yoga, meditation, healthy eating habits...) we can then become our HIGHEST selves and that is my intention and my place here. 

My intention is to assist you to connect deeper with your body and mind through movement practice while being divinely supported by your breath to carry you deeper into your next level of being let’s ELEVATE together 🙏🏾