Amanda Lee

👋 I am Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a yoga teacher hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. The practice of yoga and meditation, along with an entrepreneurial background in aesthetics and business development, offered her a synchronistic opportunity to merge many of her longtime loves, as well as integrate the intentional, holistic lifestyle she has cultivated over the years. The result is a fruitful toolbox of healthy coping mechanisms for stress reduction, grounding, and finding balance. 

Amanda is on a mission to face her fears and tap into her heart’s center with self-study, community, and careful intention. From the moment she walked into her first yoga class, Amanda knew that she was on the path home, and nothing has been the same since. Her love and dedication to the practice, and the journey, have led her to a new passion of sharing the gift of yoga with others.

Trained by Jen Ryan of the Yoga Loft, Matt Giordano of Chromatic Yoga, and David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund of South Boston Yoga, Amanda has a variety of offerings for all levels of yogi.  She currently offers weekly virtual classes through Seeking OM studio, where her signature Sunday Slow Flow helps students close the week with a stretch and a smile.

Styles offered:
Yoga for Longevity
Slow Vinyasa Flow
Beginner's Vinyasa